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Company Profile

Maasai Treads was established in August 2005, and over the years has grown into a company that creates not just footwear, but a livelihood for those who are part of the process. Yes, our mission was to create an incredible and unforgettable product, but we didn't want to just make sandals. We wanted to make a difference. We started with one artisan. A young man whom we recruited from one of the local markets (Kariokor). We were making between ten and fifteen pairs of sandals each week; each pair carefully designed by hand, the way a Maasai would make his Akala sandals. Currently we have hired 13 men and women mainly from Karikor market.

The Maasai Treads brand of footwear has evolved from sandals which have been hand-made in Kenya (since the tyre reached our shores) from old and rejected car tyres and inner tubes. We also recycle old leather jackets for our leather recycled range. The original Akalas, as they are known locally, are worn by many tribes. In the early days these were not very comfortable to wear, but we have changed all that by simply adapting them for the European market. Our now specially skilled craftsmen have been making these sandals for generations and take pride in their handiwork.

Maasai Treads stands for recycling, community involvement, education and giving back to other conservation projects.

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